We are the middle of expanding our campus at The Garden!

we want to keep you updated in the proceSs of: Together We Grow!

Watch the video below to hear from Pastor David Goh!

We’ve expanded our property and started to build!

The Garden has been uniquely positioned in Bakersfield, California to be a center of revival. We believe we’ve been tasked with being a center of hope that hosts God’s presence and power. Together We Grow is a massive undertaking, requiring great faith and faithfulness. The expansion of our property will benefit all parts of The Garden, and the city of Bakersfield. There will be new spaces for kids, youth and young adults to facilitate connection, creativity, play and learning together.


Phase 1:


We now own two city blocks!

The owners of both buildings agreed to sell in 2016, and we made the leap of faith to purchase both facilities. The smaller building became the new Admin Office, while the warehouse was originally thought to be re-purposed for the new Worship Center. However, God had bigger plans for us! After looking at how much it would cost to renovate for large group gatherings it made sense to build a completely new Worship Center on the open lot, and use the warehouse for a new Kid’s Building. With the contributions that have been given for the project, we’ve been able to pay for the total cost of the property, upgrade the admin building, and re-roof the warehouse!


Phase 2: The worship center

Projected to be completed June 2020!

Still need $700,000 to reach our goal.

We were able to break ground on the new property in December of 2018! Since then we have come a long ways as we have laid the foundation, erected the steel, and put the roof and outer shell on the new building. Currently, we still need $700,000 to reach our goal of being able to secure the loan and complete new Worship Center. The total cost is projected to be around 3.5 million, which includes all the curb and gutter, additional parking, landscaping, all the interior, and audio/visual equipment.

Garden Church Bakersfield Together We Grow Blueprint 2018

Phase 3: The kid’s Building and Creative Studios

Complete the vision!

We are so excited! This phase involves the buildout of the creative studios, the atrium, Kids's Building, and repurposing the gymnasium. The Kid’s Building will include an indoor playground (which will be amazing for our Bakersfield summers), along with classrooms and a commercial kitchen. The current worship space will be converted back into a gym for the youth, and recreational sport activities. The atrium between the Worship Center and Kid’s Building will be a community space for Garden parties and spending time with friends. It is designed to be an inviting and practical space for the community throughout the week to facilitate connection and creativity.


We’ve been making some fun videos to provide updates on our journey of Together We Grow since we broke ground in 2018 Check out our YouTube page and subscribe!