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The Life in God’s word track is designed for participants to gain the hunger and skills to regularly read Scripture with an informed understand that helps them to apply the Bible to their lives and develop a sound and solid biblical perspective (theology). Each lesson will model how to read through a chapter of the Bible.

Fall Schedule

Fall 6 weeks - Garden to Garden (9/18 - 10/23) - The Bible begins and concludes in the Garden, and its pages all point to God’s process of restoring life as He intended through Jesus. This overview will provide you the Big Story, a big picture look at the Bible, and how to see Jesus on every page.

Fall 3 weeks - Psalms/Authentic Faith in Worship (11/6 - 11/20) - The book of Psalms collects the honest and raw processing of a faith finding its way in the real world, with elements of varied and beautiful creativity. Learn how to daily read the Psalms with greater connection to the themes of these songs, and the winsome nature of their presentation.

Fall 3 weeks - Promises and Covenant (12/4 - 12/18) - God’s relationship with us is based on a series of trustworthy promises made in agreements called “covenants.”  The covenants with Noah, Abraham and Moses point towards the New Covenant promised in the prophets, all fulfilled for us in Jesus. Are we living fully in our divine family inheritance?

Winter/spring Schedule

Winter 6 weeks - The Jesus Story (1/8 - 2/19) - The four gospels respond to the question “who is Jesus” and “what did He do” from four perspectives. In a day when it’s hard to sort out religious, traditional, and secular ideas from the authentic Jesus, learning to read the gospels in an informed way will inspire your love and devotion to Jesus.

Winter 3 weeks - Acts/Communities Changing the World (3/4 - 3/18) - The book of Acts contains the story of the vibrant expansion of Christian communities throughout the Mediterranean world. The stories of the love and power experienced as they gathered around a simple set of beliefs and truths encourages and corrects us in our desire to be a community that reflects the first communities of faith.

Winter 3 weeks - Our Future (4/1 - 5/6) - The compass for the first disciples was the future return of Christ. It informed their understanding of the power and the suffering known in this present time, and empowered them to live beyond the confines of human cultural expectations. What did Jesus and the apostles teach about the return of Christ and everlasting life? How can we understand the unfolding of heaven coming to earth in the book of Revelation?