Where did our name come from?

The Bible begins and ends with images of a Garden. In Genesis, God creates a perfect, magnificent garden — the Garden of Eden — for His people to work and enjoy. All is right with the world — people in perfect relationship with the earth, with each other, and with God. Sadly, that perfection is soon marred by brokenness and sin. But God doesn’t give up! Throughout the Bible, we see God restoring the Garden, bringing forth beauty from the ashes. And in Revelation, we see that perfection restored and expanded. In the center of that final Garden, we see a tree that not only bears fruit like that first garden, but one with leaves that bring healing to the nations.

We live “in-between” those two Gardens. Our world is filled with brokenness, but God is in the process of restoring all that was lost. He invites us into an adventure of discovering His calling and destiny over our lives, bringing definition and purpose to the brokenness of our past. The Garden is a church that longs to come alongside people in this adventure of walking in the wholeness of God, allowing God not only to heal our broken places, but also to use us to heal the brokenness of our families, our city, our nation, and our world.


Rooting: Believing: “I have accepted Jesus, received His Spirit, been adopted into the Father’s Family, and am learning to walk in forgiveness and freedom.”

Growing: Connecting: “I am growing in Family, Word, and Spirit.”

Bearing Fruit: Impacting: “Love overflows as I share generously, serve whole-heartedly, and sow faithfully.